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The Bright Side of Staying Home

Anyone miss the awkwardness of hearing the boss sing karaoke at the office Christmas party? Or wrangling yet another white elephant gift for a gift exchange you felt obligated to attend? How about nav...

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Beyond Words: How Expressive Arts Help Heal

Mention the word “therapy” and for many people, a very specific image springs to mind. An overstuffed couch. Someone dutifully taking notes. Questions about your childhood. Lots and lots and lots of t...

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Coping in California: How to Manage Mental Health Amid Distress

By Clint Fletcher Of all the 50 American states that have suffered through the endless slog that is 2020, California may have suffered the most. On top of enduring every awful thing the rest of us ha...

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Veterans, PTSD, Trauma and Addiction

While we officially honor veterans every November in the US, we should always be aware of the psychological challenges our brave men and women face while serving our country. it’s especially important...

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The PTSD-Addiction Connection

By Clint Fletcher Post-traumatic stress disorder develops in people that have either experienced or witnessed a life-threatening event of some kind.There’s a common misbelief in our country that PTSD ...

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Don’t Neglect Ongoing Recovery

Recovery is so much more than the one-time act of escaping the clutches of substance abuse. It’s a way of life. It’s about learning to think and behave differently and adopting a lifestyle of emotiona...

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