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Sober Socializing: Protect Your Sobriety Without Missing Out

By Michelle Peterson Back in the day, you loved to party. Whether you got drunk or high, it was how…

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Chronic Pain Management and Opioid Addiction

By: Tammy M. Bolles, LCSW Our stressed out society is very focused on comfort. A spa, salon, or massage therapist’s…

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Welcome Home: Preventing Relapse after Inpatient Treatment

By: Tammy M. Bolles, MSW, LCSW I once heard a client’s family member refer to their loved one’s inpatient addiction…

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Couples Begin the Journey to Emotional Reconnection after Sexual Addiction Recovery

Discovery to Recovery Part 2: Emotional Impact and Emotional Restitution Couples who have struggled with the enormity of damage caused…

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Do Religious Families Play A Role In Addiction?

Religious Families and AddictionWritten by Thomas Gagliano, MSW In order to understand why religious families inadvertently and at times unintentionally…

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