Small Group Sessions

Peer Input and Feedback Play an Important Role

Recovery Resources

Recovery Resources

Group sessions are an integral component of The Meadows’ intensive outpatient program. When one patient in a group shares his or her experiences, everyone in the group gains by realizing how topics and themes relate to their own lives. Feeling connected to a group of peers alleviates a lot of shame.

A Personalized Treatment Experience

Among other benefits, small group sessions:

  • Fosters learning
  • Creates long-term friendships
  • Improves self-awareness
  • Promotes a sense of community
  • Highlights the need for change

Recovery Is Possible

In our safe and nurturing community patients are guided on their journey of recovery by examining the underlying causes of addiction and co-occurring disorders. The goal is for these individuals to gain the courage to face difficult issues, confront grief and loss, heal from emotional trauma, and become accountable for their own feelings, behaviors, and recovery. If you or someone you love needs treatment, we’re here to help.

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