Transitional Living

Beneficial support services for those in recovery

Recovery Resources

Recovery Resources

Transitional living offers beneficial support services for those who are recovering from addiction, emotional trauma or a variety of personal hardships. Transitional living has many benefits for those who are recovering from substance abuse, allowing them the opportunity to get back on their feet and be slowly reintroduced to society.

What is Transitional Living?

Transitional living is a structured residential situation that includes programming while offering the freedom to attend an outpatient program, work, school, and other approved activities. For those recovering from alcohol, drugs, or sexual addiction issues, living in a transitional house can help them overcome their addiction and stay sober during a particularly vulnerable time in their recovery.

An important benefit of transitional living is that it teaches individuals in recovery that there is still hope for a sober and productive future. Many enter transitional living with little hope and belief in themselves, and the support programs offered in a transitional living environment can help them regain their self-esteem. The most important thing about transitional living is that it gives you the necessary skills and knowledge to cope with life without addiction.

Trusted Referrals

Convenient transitional living is accessible through local referrals at each of our outpatient locations. We work with top-quality properties that are available to local patients as well as those from out of state. These providers offer patients transportation, security, strong programming, fellowship, and numerous recreational activities designed to make the entire process seamless, comfortable, and fun.

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