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Don’t Neglect Ongoing Recovery

By Clint Fletcher Recovery is so much more than the one-time act of escaping the clutches of substance abuse. It’s…

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Holistic Healing: The Benefits of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, & Expressive Arts

By Clint Fletcher When most of us think of recovery, specific pictures fill our minds from movies and TV. Images…

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Do I Really Need an Intensive Outpatient Program after Treatment?

Once you’ve completed an inpatient addiction and mental health treatment program you may be eager to finally go back home…

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The Murray Method, Trauma Eggs, and The 30 Task Model

"The Murray Method is unsurpassed in its rapid ability to reveal the past in the present. By accessing the right…

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3 Myths about Sex Addiction Treatment

Alexandra Katehakis, Senior Fellow at The Meadows, is one of the lead authors of an article titled, “Sex Addiction is…

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Strengths and Weaknesses As A Spiritual Role In Recovery

By Nancy Greenlee, LPC, The Meadows Therapist Once a month, the Workshop team is treated to a consultation from Pia…

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