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Chronic Pain Management and Opioid Addiction

By: Tammy M. Bolles, LCSW Our stressed out society is very focused on comfort. A spa, salon, or massage therapist’s office can be found on almost every corner. Who doesn’t enjoy an occasional foot rub...

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Welcome Home: Preventing Relapse after Inpatient Treatment

By: Tammy M. Bolles, MSW, LCSW I once heard a client’s family member refer to their loved one’s inpatient addiction treatment as a sort of summer camp. The family member made this pronounc...

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Couples Begin the Journey to Emotional Reconnection after Sexual Addiction Recovery

Discovery to Recovery Part 2: Emotional Impact and Emotional Restitution Couples who have struggled with the enormity of damage caused by sexual addiction often feel hopeless and helpless. When they t...

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Do Religious Families Play A Role In Addiction?

Religious Families and AddictionWritten by Thomas Gagliano, MSW In order to understand why religious families inadvertently and at times unintentionally create an environment where their children run ...

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